Sound Machine with Nice Projector and Night Light

Sound Machine with Nice Projector and Night Light

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  • ūüď£12 Nature Sounds & 8 Lullabiesūüď£ - The adorable compact¬†sound machine features 8 classic lullabies from which you could choose to soothe your baby sleep more soundly. Besides, it has 12 Non-Looping Nature Ambient Sounds, including white noise, fan, bird, frog,¬†cuckoo, seagull, ocean, stream, rain, thunderstorm and more. This¬†product¬†tailored to¬†whatever¬†your¬†needs¬†and¬†wants¬†are, even you could sleep like a baby no matter how noisy the environment you are in.
  • ūüď£Dreamland Projectorūüď£ - You can create a neverland on the ceiling for your baby. Just easily turn on the top projector, a colorful distinct image will display a big tree in the middle, surrounded by starfish, bird, butterfly, dragonfly, fish, crane, swallow, shellfish, coconut¬†tree, flowers, dove, clover, mushroom, coral and so on. Through¬†it,¬†your baby will¬†learn¬†of the¬†many¬†other‚Äďthe¬†wondrous¬†diversity¬†of¬†flora and fauna¬†‚Ästwith whom¬†we¬†cohabit¬†on¬†this planet.
  • ūüď£7 Color-changing Night Light & Green Light Tailūüď£ - Compare with other white noise machines, our sound machine built-in night light offers RGB multiple color options, switching light among more than 7 different colors(Cobalt Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Oyster White, Sunrise Orange, Shocking Pink, Violet). The color setting helps to keep your kid calm at night without being as bright as the fluorescent lamps. The green light globe tail on the back is the finishing¬†touch to win your child's affection
  • ūüď£Delicate & Portable Functionsūüď£ - Our sleep soother is designed for convenient and easy to use with the following features. Battery operated is essential for wireless use so you can conveniently¬†put it anywhere around your bedroom. Though it has a large-diameter high¬†fidelity stereo speaker, the 3.5mm headphone jack on the side of the base is for you to enjoy alone at night privately¬†without disturbing others. Auto-off timer can be set for turn off sounds(15, 30, 60 or always).
  • ūüď£100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEEūüď£ - 1 Year Replacement Guarantee & 3 Month Full Refund Guarantee & 18 Month Extended Warranty. Never worry about returning, refund, replacement even if Amazon return service fails to meet your needs. You can contact our sellers by emails ( or website address attached to the product.

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White Noise Sound Machine, Baby Sleep Soother, Night Light, Dreamland Projector, 20 Non-Looping Nature Sounds Lullaby, Auto-Off Timer, Headphone Jack, Battery Powered, Portable Travel Office Bedroom

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