Kids Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock Airy Blue

Kids Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock Airy Blue

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  • ♫Dreamy White Noise Sleep Sound Machine♫: This cute owl has a built-in night light with 7 colored options include Cobalt Blut, Sky Blue, Green, Oyster White, Sunrise Orange, Shocking Pink and Violet (The color might be slightly different due to the colored shell of the clock and the principle of three primary colors). There are 4 White Noise and 5 Lullabies, total 9 Soothing Sounds can be easily adjusted as your preference and help children sleep easier.
  • ♫TIME TO WAKE♫: It is never easy for parents to teach their young children to have regular sleep-wake habits. Therefore, Avian--this adorable owl was born to save parents' sleep time. Kids will get to know it is time to get up from bed when Avian glows to green with funny faces. And the lullabies will help them to fall asleep more peacefully without parents’ accompany. Mesqool newly designed alarm clock specifically provide with multiple color versions now is available for you and your kids.
  • ♫NAP TIMER & SNOOZE & DIMMER & VOLUME♫: This digital clock doesn't just have the basic alarm to wake up your child. The NAP can be set a count down alarm. This function can be used for a lunch break or other activities’ timer of your child. Snooze is essential for an alarm clock, press the left foot of this endearing bird to pause all alarms for 9 minutes and right foot to stop the alarm for today. The brightness dimmer is 5-level adjustable and the Volume is 15-level by sliding control.
  • ♫FUNNY FACES & BATTERY OPERATED &COMMON FUNCTIONS♫: The funny facial animations can always attract kids attention and keep them staying in bed longer until the night light turns green. This clock can be powered by batteries, never worrying about where is the best location to place it. This alarm clock certainly has these common features-Daylight Saving Time; 12 to 24 time mode conversion and Auto-off Timer in Battery mode. This is definitely the most versatile alarm clock you've ever seen.
  • ♫100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE♫: 1 Year Replacement Guarantee & 3 Month Full Refund Guarantee & 18 Month Extended Warranty. Never worry about returning, refund, replacement even if Amazon return service fails to meet your needs. You can contact our sellers by emails ( or website address attached to the product.

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White Noise Machine, Sleep Soother Sound Therapy with 9 Sounds & Lullaby, 7-Color Night Light, Plug In/Battery Powered, Sleep Training Time to Wake Digital Alarm Clock for Kids Baby Girls Boys Bedroom

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