Projection Vibration Clock Blue Lights

Projection Vibration Clock Blue Lights

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  • ★Wake up by Powerful Bed Shaker or Loud Alarm Sound:The extended 1.8m wired bed shaker is long enough to be put under pillow or mattress. It is specially designed for heavy sleepers, hard of hearing or deaf people who have trouble waking up in the morning with a traditional sound alarm clock, to only shake them up without waking spouse, roommate or kids. Buzzer sound is an essential option to meet all your preference. (Please note that the alarm will not ring while the vibrator is plugged in)
  • ★180° Adjustable Projector Angle & Focus Dial & Flipable Projection: The sleek 180-degree swivel projection with focus control ring provides a clear view of the time and adjustable angle with reverse button to meet any occasions. The optimum projection distance is 4.9-9.8ft, Project ultra-clear time onto your walls or ceiling. Whenever you wake up, the first thing comes into your eyes is time.(when projection time is upside down,just press PROJECTION MODE button once again to flip it)
  • ★Large 7" LED Display with 3 Dimmer & Dual Alarms and Snooze: The screen of the clock is large to read across the whole room even for short-sighted and elders. DIMMER button allowing you to adjust the display brightness, the dimmest brightness is very comfortable without disturbing your sleep in any way. Dual alarms can separate your waking-up time from your partner and are suitable for your timetable. The snooze button is the best design for those struggling every morning to get out of bed.
  • ★USB Output Chargings & Battery Backup Setting: The clock is outlet powered for supporting functions such as USB charging, vibrator, projection, alarm and time display. Two AAA 1.5V batteries(not included) are required to ensure memorization of time and alarm settings so that you don't need to reset time after encountering power outage. USB charging port is compatible with all Android & IOS smart-phones, tablets, Kindle or any other digital devices.
  • ★1 Year Replacement Guarantee & 3 Month Full Refund Guarantee & 18 Month Extended Warranty: Never worry about returning,refund, replacement even if Amazon return service fails to meet your needs. You can contact our sellers by email ( or website address attached to the product.

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Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker & Projector, Large LED Display & Dimmer, USB Charger, 12/24 H, Vibrating Projection Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper, Deaf, Hearing Impaired, Bedroom Wall Ceiling Pillow

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